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    Can I get my money out of my Paypal with a dispute open?

    I have some items I have sold on eBay and was paid for them etc. well my boyfriend used my Paypal account to sell a separate item and the buyer isn't happy and opened a dispute. Well my boyfriend took the money out of the PayPal and now the money that I've made for the items I've sold is being held for the dispute. This isn't quite fair to me and I was wondering, can I still take my money out? My Paypal is in the negative from this dispute and I'm thinking I can't take it out but it's worth asking. Also please don't tell me that I'm dumb for letting my boyfriend use my account etc etc. thank you
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    No you can't until the dispute is settled.
    a few seconds ago

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    • If PayPal is holding money then you can't take it out, they have it. And if the dispute goes in favor of the buyer, the money will go back to the buyer and you will have to put more money in to make the negative balance go back to zero at least. It is bad to get disputes as it can affect your eBay selling, they might suspend your accounts or put longer delays before they release money in future. Don't let other people use your accounts. They are in your name and are therefore your responsibility.

      by bron357 - 3 hours ago

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