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    How can i ship something on ebay without printing a shipping label?

    Ok so i just ordered free priority mail shipping supplies from usps and i am wondering how can i ship something if i dont have a printer to ship the shipping labels? any advice? and i dont have weight scale either.... any advice? thank you
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    You can just write the person's address on the box. And if you're using the flat rate boxes, it doesn't matter how much the item weighs. That's the point of the flat rate box ... as long as what you're shipping fits inside the box, you can mail it.
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    • The most obvious advice is: buy a weighing scale. They cost about $10 on ebay. You don't need a special printer to print labels, you can use your ordinary computer printer to print the ones from ebay, or just write the address on the parcel by hand. If you mean the sort of labels that show you have paid the postage, you can just take the item to the post office, get it weighed and pay for postage there. Obviously that's time-consuming if you have a developing business, but it's OK as a temporary measure. Good luck with ebay.

      by Happiness Starship - 17 hours ago

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