How can i make quick cash at 14?

Want to save up for a new ipod

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Mow lawns
get an actual job
clean around house
shovel snow from driveways
beg for money under highways
rake leaves
paint stuff for people
wash cars
Paint sidewalk house numbers (on curb)
if your rich, ask parents for 5 dollars every time you get an A on report card
golf caddys (paid the most for children, you drive around and help old people with their golf ball hitter thing, they are usually old and rich, and theyll pay you good)
sell old items
sell clothes
theres more, do some research on what you wanna do. it will take a long time, uness you work hard
good luck


1 year ago

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Do you intend on still having and using this iPod in your twenties? In your thirties? All the cool kids are putting their money into HSA's (health savings accounts) and letting their parents buy them little trinkets like iPods for Christmas/Hannukah/B-Days.

by El Dude - 1 year ago

Start an errand and odd job service for the elderly people in your neighborhood. Print up flyers on your PC and hand them out to your neighbors. If business picks up, hire some of your friends to help you.

by Henry - 1 year ago