Are these ebay sellers not leaving me feedback because of a new rule, or are they just being lazy?

I'm solely a buyer, never a seller. When I get my item I always leave them feedback, but the last two people I bought from never left me feedback. Is there a new rule that states sellers can't leave feedback, or are they just not doing it because they don't want to. I find it somewhat rude. Thanks

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Mostly, 90%, I'm a buyer, but I have sold a few items lately. I've found that nearly all buyers will not leave me feedback, even when I would leave it for them the minute I sold it. Every item I sold was as described, and I sent it two day priority mail in padded envelopes. I was only required to send it media mail, which is cheaper, but slower. All that ,and still no feedback. What did I do wrong? Finally, I' decided not to leave feedback until they were satisfied and left it for me. They could easily slam me with a negative for no reason, other than they were in a bad mood. I probably won't sell anymore on Ebay. Also, amazon is much worse. I have never received feedback, so they're history. I'm a very honest seller, but dealing with these people is beyond ridiculous!

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i find the Ebay feedback completely stupid.
You would never go to a "real" company and say "A++ Seller, Quick Shipper"

Can't imagine wasting my time like that...


by A Hunch - 1 year ago

There's no rule against sellers leaving feedback for buyers, but it's meaningless since they can't neg you. I don't leave feedback for slow payers. If you're waiting days to pay, don't expect feedback.

Also you might not be aware that most sellers are very busy during the holidays and may not have time to leave feedback that means nothing anyway.

by GinoParisian - 1 year ago