Can I get the same experience from doing yoga at home as in a studio?

I recently attended the yoga studio my friend is a member of as a guest and really enjoyed the yoga class. I can't afford to continue attending yoga classes so I was wondering if I could get the same experience at home as I could in a class.

also the yoga classes were heated is there any way to get that at home without cranking the heat and also I am at a beginner level and I would like to move to intermediate or advanced level can I accomplish this at home or no?

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Sure you can. There are lots of good videos you can use too that can guide you along the way. Not sure how to make it not without cranking the heat. Try putting on some long johns or extra layers if you want to sweat, just remember to drink lots of water.

1 year ago

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Not really. Beginners need guidance.

by Jo W - 1 year ago