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    How to earn quick money as a teenager quick 10 points!!!?

    So I'm in high school now and I've been trying to ear some money just to prepare for my future, I had a job at nofrills and hauled in about 700$ for 1 month but it was only minimum wage, anyways recently I've been buying things like head phones drinks and stuff and selling them for more i make about 6 dollars after expenses per box of coke and around 5 per earphone, how can I increase how much I make and be successful with my school monopoly thanks in advance!
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    The same laws of economics apply to your school monopoly as they do in the real world. If you've saturated the market on coke and earphones, you need to either diversify (find new products and add them to your roster) or increase the profitability of what you're already selling (find a wholesale source for coke and earphones so you're earning more per case). The other option is to find a new market (selling at the junior high and the high school for example). Good luck and congrats on having a ton of ambition! I wish more young people were like you these days!
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