Ideas for my brand name ?

I am currently setting up my own buisness selling clothing i make and i am stuck on ideas for a brand name :(
I am called sarah spence and ive always used my initals SS but i cant imagine customers saying "i want the new ss jeans" so i am thinking of using something else.
My clothing is smart, edgy, bold with attitude.
I do like how erte named himself by the italian pronounce of his initials RT and how eminem made his name from his initals MM ... But any ideas would be great, thankyou x

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I bet that there's several small business or products called SS. That's a car model too, I guess.

If your clothes have attitude you need a smart and creative name to express this for your clients.

I'm not as creative as I wish I was, sorry.

I know this site I think they can help you.

Good luck.


1 year ago

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I kind of like SS. It's easy to remember and you could probably make a really cool logo with it too :) Good luck with your business! Do you have a website? Or sell on Etsy?

by Miss Misery - 1 year ago