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    How hard would it be to start up a small business?

    I am interested in starting up a small business to do with cup cakes and the like, but was wandering how hard this would be, or should i not even bother? Also how much money do you reckon a small business such as this could make per year?
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    The answer to this will depend on your jurisdictions health laws. Many jurisdictions require anyone selling a food item to use a commercial kitchen - and these can be very expensive to furnish (or you may be able to find one to rent in off hours). Some jurisdictions, however, require only a health inspection and permit, so check with your local health department about operating a for-profit food business from home. There may be other requirements that may be required (i.e., a food handler's license, a business license, etc.) and if you intend to have clients come to your house to pick up the items, you will probably need a zoning variance. As to how much money you could make, that will depend upon how well you are able to market your business and sell your items. There are people making cupcakes that make 6 figures a year. There are others who tried and lost money (and went out of business). No one can accurately predict which you will be.
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    • All of what Steve says is true and good, but I'll tell you the secret that so many people fail to grasp, even though it's obvious. It doesn't matter what the business is, but this is about cupcakes. You need to sell them, that's the secret and don't laugh. If you make a cupcake for a dollar and sell it for $3, then you need to SELL 100 cupcakes to make $200. That's even without thinking about overhead. So many people want to say, "I can make XXX things a day", but if you don't sell them they just pile up on the living room floor. In order to make $500 a week, you need to make, and sell, 300 cupcakes a week, every week - in this case I'm thinking overhead. 25 - 12 cupcake tins. More than just your friends are going to buy. It's all about cash flow.

      by John D - 8 hours ago

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