How to sell a product?

I wanted to sell a product, and was little bit confused! I have the product in mind, and have no customers ready for that. Should I buy the product first, and then go about finding customers or should I find the customers first to sell them the desired product. In all these processes, my turnaround time would be affected and I might lose customers if I take time to deliver the product. On the other hand, I don't want to hold a lot of stock to come to know that the technology has changed by now.

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1.) Buy a bunch of the product, then act like you are having the best time in the world with that product. Make sure you are seen. Ignore the one crazy person that seems to hate the product. Eventually lie to people about the product and overemphasize how amazing it is. (It'll make you king, you'll grow hair, you'll rule the world, you'll find true love, it'll make you look younger.)

2.) Fail. Acquire carrying cases for a good cause. Continue to try to sell the product. Acquire carrying cases for the carrying cases before for a good cause. Continue with your soliciting. Fail. Encounter the crazy person who seems to hate the product. He will soon reveal he actually likes the product.

3.) ???

4.) Profit.


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I'll suggest you to promote your product via online channels. For targeting more customers advertise your item on the social platforms as these are flooded with users. Use selling sites like amazon,, ebay etc for showcasing product on the web.

by Vincent - 1 year ago