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    My dad owes charter communications money. can i get cable in my name?

    I ordered it online and they didnt ask for my ss number and also they sent me an email saying they'd be here thurs to hook it up.
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    If you are a minor, I'm not sure they can do it. Better not look like one.
    a few seconds ago

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    • Once they hook it up, they will ask for your dr. lic number to verify it is you. If your dad can't afford it, why do you think you can afford it. And know that Charter is aggressive in collecting. Tell your dad this is ruining his credit reports. Employers check, so do landlords and car insurance companies. Eventually they will sue him in court. Garnish his wages and go after his assets. Tell him debt does not just go away. Something is wrong with this question.

      by Silly Goose - 13 hours ago

    • Getting cable now is not like it was back in the day where you could do it month-to-month. Now they're like the cell phone companies where they rope you into a 12 or 24 month contract. You really need to know all the details. You'll also need a checking account or credit card. I don't know how Charter works, but my daughter got a nasty surprise from DISH when she could no longer pay the bill. Not only was her service cut off, but they automatically deducted the cancelation/penalty amount from her checking account. That overdrew her account by over $400! She called the bank and asked how they could do such a thing. The bank said it's clearly stated in the DISH contract that they will take the funds via EFT. She was livid.

      by Tera - 13 hours ago

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