Business Professional's opinions needed: Would it be stupid to give up a successful & established business?

I am supposed to take over the Property management business when my dad retires in a few years. My life is changing & I am considering moving 250 mi away.

Not sure if i should give up the business or if it would be possible to keep business, hire another licensed pm & keep an eye on things via fax, email & monthly visits? I would be in the same state & maintain my licensed as well.
I do have a passion for my business. I am only 35 and my personal life is changing as i never expected it to.

Yes, with the right office staff i to think that the 250 mi is not insurmountable.

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Not impossible.
One of my jobs is working remotely via phone, fax, email and messenger. Mostly messenger (instantaneous communication - like yelling into the next office) Many people have mistakenly thought that my sister and I work in the same office. We are in different states though.

You might need to keep a cell phone with same area code - for clients to call without any need to think you're not right there.

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There may be other details involved, but from what you say, considering the availability of business services agents and instantaneous communication techniques, 250 miles doesn't amount to much. The important thing is not distance! What's important is caring about what you do (equivalent to a high quality commitment). Sometimes opportunity comes disguised as obstacle.


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