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    How did you first start your business?

    What was the business? How did you start your business? Why did you start your business? How many hours did you work? How long before you had a vacation?
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    If you are going to start your own business, mind as well do something you love, so you are not looking forward a vacation every day! Unless you are selling a product, don't expect to make money right away. I would suggest to do a bit of research. What is it that people need that will match with something that you love to do. If you would like to earn money right away, I suggest going to taskrabbit.com - there they have lots of tasks you can do for people in your area ( not sure where you are, but unfortunately, they are not available in all the cities.) I have 2 kids, so I work about 10 hours on my business. If you love what you do, you will not be looking forward to a vacation. I would say give it a few years before your business can take off. Hope this helps!
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    • I did it the right way - I'm in manufacturing and I had ten years in jobs that trained me how to do everything. I also had a base of tooling and equipment. I just got some money, quit my job and opened my own place. I worked regular days or something more in the beginning. First real, weeklong or better vacation was after about 5 years. We could have gone before that, we just didn't think of it till we became burned out. But I have real skills, knowlege and experience. Now I'm one of the venerable old timers. I'll say that if you are all that concerned about vacations you are probably in the wrong topic.

      by John D - 18 hours ago

    • Depend on what line of work your in. I'm thinking of starting a classic car restoration business, I'll have to rent or buy a shop buy a compressor buy other tools i don't already have. Put ads in the paper. Get signs outside of my business and possibly hire people. Its big a leap but worth it street watching you're boss bring in 8 grand a week with 4 Lazy employees you start to think you could bust your *** and make 4 grand for yourself in a week.

      by Chad Thompson - 18 hours ago

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