I want to start this but don't know how?

Well it is basically like this, I saw a nice product in other Euripean country that is not avaible to buy in my homeland and I want to somehow "pay" the EU company to export that product in my country and try to make a profit like that

I think of it like this, "Coca Cola" has no factory in my homeland, I pay them to place their product on my homeland market and if they profit I profit

I dont know how that is called but Im sure someone will help me

thank you in advance
NOTE: product is COMPLETE and is allready on the market, but I want to pay the company to place that product on market in my homeland

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Hi Adi. You are asking about becoming a "Distributor" for that product in your country. You need to contact the company and ask them about becoming a Distributor. You will probably need to finance this "Distributor Business" yourself, so you may need a lot of capital (money) to do so. Be prepared for that.

Best wishes and good luck.

1 year ago

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What are you asking?;_y...

by Jessica - 1 year ago

you gotta get the ingredients & then start make it directly here
the export will coast you a lot
Tip: don't tell them when ask for the ingredients that your going to start a business just say you want to make it for your children they love it or something else

by Alex Carter - 1 year ago

before importing make sure the product is marketable, some products are designed for specific areas. Also you may need a business plan for better results. best of luck

by Marina - 1 year ago