Why am I not allowed to get change from the laundromat coin machine?

Bank is too far.
I was using it as my personal money changing machine. Not doing laundry

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My guess would be that if you are getting change but not using it at the laundromat, then you are taking it away from customers who need it for the machines at the laundromat. The owner of the laundromat wouldn't want to keep refilling the change machine so that people can get change but not spend the change in his laundromat. It costs him money to take the time to go to the bank and get more change to keep the machine full and he might loose customers if the machine runs out of change.

Be polite and find another source for your change. If you are using the change at the laundromat, then I am not sure why you shouldn't get change from the change machine.

1 year ago