I have a client who wants to send me $ but is having paypal issues (Please RE:)?

A long time customer of mine has purchased from me for many years, but recently has had some paypal issues with her account. This may be a silly question though I will ask anyway since she's always only shown signs of trustworthiness. She can't use her paypal account due to some block & to make a long story short, wants to buy another product from me though requested a bank transfer from her bank to mine. Only she'd need some banking info. Is this way to risky? Or if you're a business person, have you done transactions from bank to bank without paypal? She lives in China, so there's no western union there I don't think. ADVICE PLEASE! Thank you!

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give her your account and routing number! THATS IT,,,she can only deposit...NOT WITHDRAW

1 year ago

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I'm not sure that I would trust it. HOW would you possibly know if her account was compromised and some creep is trying to drain your account? There are other ways to get paid. Can't you send her a money request? What about a money order?

by Stacey - 1 year ago