How do I start selling drugs?

Don't lecture me. I don't do drugs, I just want to sell them.
I'm sixteen & I don't know the first thing about selling drugs. My main questions are where do I get them, and how much do I sell them for?

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The easiest way to do it is by first having a lot of friends that do drugs; and you are going to have to do some drugs to get in with the people that sell them. You're going to have to do a lot of networking and question asking. Try not to be sketchy. Start with selling weed. It won't be easy to find a good connection and you're going to need a couple hundred bucks to get started. Don't settle for selling low grade stuff. Buy the best stuff you can. Don't pay more than 200 dollars for half of an ounce. You will need a scale. Sell a gram for $20, a 16th (or half 8th) ounce for 30 and an 8th for 60. When you're first starting up don't sell in quantities larger than that unless you can turn a good profit. You will make the most selling by the gram. Once you make money you can buy in larger quantities and get a better profit margin. After selling weed for a while you'll be able to get connections with people that will sell you harder drugs that you can then sell to other people.

You're going to get caught. Good luck.

1 year ago

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Do ask on yahoo... Ask around your local area

by CJM - 1 year ago

Become a licensed Pharmacist! Duh.

Best wishes and welcome to a life behind bars in prison! Duh!

by Doctor J - 1 year ago

do not pass go! Do NOT collect $200. GO straight to jail!! You are san idiot and will get arrested anyhow.....or become a pharmacist and sell legally

by Eagle eye - 1 year ago