Photography small business idea?

I'm 13, and want a smartphone. In order to get that, my parents need me to pay half of what it is monthly, around 40 dollars. I was trying to think of things I could do to earn money, and was thinking of my interests. I love photography! I think I'm decent at it too... Do you think that I could make a business by selling photos online? Could I make a little money? If so, please tell me how.

IF YOU HAVE OTHER IDEAS ON HOW I CAN MAKE MONEY, PLEASE TELL ME! I'm 13, a girl, and decently strong, so I don't mind work like mowing lawns. Thank you!

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You could sell photos, but keep in mind that some are very picky on the photos you take and/or quality. If you aren't afraid to work, depending on your location, lawns, snow removal, etc. could be good ideas. If you have the patience and time, babysitting could also be good. Sadly, at 13, your options are somewhat limited for now.

1 year ago