Wholesale products that have potential to make money selling on ebay?

Just wondering does anybody know any wholesale products that could be worth buying online to resell on ebay?

I was just looking at this online and it seems worth it but I'm wondering what products may be worth re selling.

Thanks a lot

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What's most efficient, and rewarding is selling what you enjoy. Because you know your products,and can make better work than others. You have to put all of your effort into it to stick out from other sellers on ebay. No simple listings. Pay for bold lettering in your title. subtitles. A large picture to show up in search results. Multiple pictures. Embed a video of what your selling in the listing. pay for or make an html background for a more professional appearance. Buyers will trust you more. For me. I sell aftermarket performance car parts. If you have no particular interest right now. I'd say its a pretty good damn time to buy wholesale Christmas items that will be purchased for as presents. A little bit late on it, but i'm sure you could make some good money on that. A Christmas eBay store sounds good. I know we don't all celebrate the holiday. It's a good money maker though. There's tons of them on there. Those people are all making money...

1 year ago

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Eventually I will stop being amazed at the cosmic stupidity of people who think successful sellers will give their inventory sources away free to some dipshit too lazy to do his own research.

But not yet.

by GinoParisian - 1 year ago

You did NO research at all? LOL.

The first person is right - nobody would give you any information to encourage another clone business to take money out of their pocket.

by Elaine M - 1 year ago