How can I create my own free website?

I want to create a free website where people from all over the world will can share their recipes with others. they will can also read the other recipes, post photos, videos and comment or like! Does anyone know how i can do this? thankyou :D
*please add details and explain* thanks again ;)

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There is plenty of websites to do this but when it's free there is usually something like this: www.yourwebsitesname.websitethatmad...


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Hi, you can create Free websites at a number of hosting sites. For example At You can create your own Free website but there are certain restrictions like Bandwidth and templates you can use. Most important of all, your domain name. Once you create a website at their host, you will only be able to use a sub-domian example But other than that its a great way to start your own website and when your subscriber grow, you can consider buying the hosting and the domain.
From what you are looking at, i suggest you need a hosting and website domain. Why? Because the bandwidth the free site they are giving you is very small, once quota reach, your site is offline. Also with your domain name, some hosting companies gives you email acc where you can use your domain name example : this way it looks more professional.
Do a bit of research and think what exactly you want for your site.

To your success,
Stanley Soh


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