Can I buy a product 5 days before black Friday, and then return it on Black friday and get the sale difference?

Let's say that I buy a shirt today. then I go and return it on Black Friday and will buy it again as soon as I return it. Is this a possible method to use the black friday sale?

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gosh, ... don't focus on the small stuff! think much, much BIGGER!!!

yes, you could waste your time and energy to do what you propose, it may be possible, but what a waste. you can usually return it for what you paid for it (today), then the challenge is to locate it/rebuy it at the lower price.
but no, they are not going to accept your older receipt and say "okay here's the today price and here's the difference". you would have to give up the item, then go buy it again.
nice try though.

1 year ago

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That won't work at all. You must have proof of purchase to what you have paid for.

by johnny - 1 year ago

Many stores will only issue a refund for the lowest amount the item was selling for in the previous 30 days.

by Quick Answers - 1 year ago