Does eBay take money from items sold?

So I just received an invoice from eBay charging me a couple dollars for some items that I've successfully sold. But no where did it say that I was going to be charged. Plus I mean who really has time to read the long terms and services lol. Is this correct or am I being charged for something else?

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Yes. you do have to pay to use Ebay, just like almost any other site. It's just a small fee on items sold.


1 year ago

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this is actually correct, they get a certain percentage from the money you earned by selling an item

by Amy - 1 year ago

yes, they charge a percentage of what you sell the items for depending on the category plus listing fees. It did tell you in those "terms and services" that you don't have time to read. so yes it did say somewhere that you were going to be charged.


by Kristopher - 1 year ago

Of course they charge. That's how they make money. If you can't be bothered in reading your contract with them then you should not be surprised when they charge you. It was there in the contract, no surprises.

by tmorris - 1 year ago