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    How can I learn if a grant $20,000. Is the real thing?

    I contacted a "cdg grant" via the internet. This grant is under, "American dentistry of cosmetic dentists" title. Upon being contacted, I only had 48 hrs in which to reply to their contacting me. Then the grant is pending upon one of their dentist's assessment after examing & exraying my mouth. This is what made me suspicious! I was told that I needed to use a credit card to pay a $50. Good faith Deposit that will insure the dentist that I will keep my scheduled appt., Then this $50. Deposit, along with an addition $100. I must also pay toward the cost for being assessed by the dentist. (making the total amt I must pay $150.) How can I find out if this is in fact a legit grant? (or a scam to get this $150. from the multitudes of people praying for a dental miracle that would allow us such a blessing? .. & if it is a scam, is there an agency in which to report this? (thank you)
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    SCAM 1 - It's ILLEGAL to ask you to pay anything to get a grant. Grants pay you - you NEVER pay them 2 - Grants are NOT granted by dentists, they come from the government 3 - the ONLY way to get any sort of grant is to apply through the official US government site http://grants.gov/ -- if you did not apply for a grant there you are not getting any sort of grant 4 - there is NO such thing as the American Dentistry of Cosmetic Dentists. The trade association representing cosmetic dentists is called The American Society for Dental Aesthetics and does not give any sort of grants You need to immediately cancel your credit card if you gave your number and also file a police report with copies of all emails you have received
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