WTF? WHY are buyers allowed to leave low FB on Ebay w/o contacting the seller first?

I have a TRS Plus status that I'm quite proud of. I work VERY hard for it too. I've had over 1,000 transactions and I had only two Negs and a Neut in the past year.

Here's how it goes.

Neg #1 happened because the buyer purchased a junk drawer scrap, repair lot of costume jewelry of mine. Why did she neg me? Because she said it was all scrap. Imagine THAT.

Neg #2. happened because the buyer extorted me out of a partial refund. I contacted other sellers and she pulled the same scam on them, so she punished me and made up lies by dinging my FB when I attempted to warn others.

These two negs are almost a year old and will soon be gone.

Then today, I noticed that I finally received FB for a beautiful condition watch I sold. It was a big gray doughnut! You'll get a laugh at what her complaint was. It was that she didn't know how to set it she had to contact the company for help. WTF? HOW is it my fault that SHE didn't know how to set the freaking watch??

The common denominator with ALL these buyers is that NONE of them so much a made an attempt to contact me to work out the issue. Not a single peep!

Did I mention that I ship same day, fully insure my items, pay insurance out of my own pocket, AND offer 7-day returns?

I don't understand HOW that could POSSIBLY warrant such a malicious attack?

Now I get to worry about how this will effect my TRS status?

So it begs the question, WHY doesn't Ebay require buyers to contact the seller to at least GIVE THEM A CHANCE to rectify the issue, before allowing them to leave low FB?

I apologize for the caps, but I'm so frustrated right now. I'm not sure what I could have done to make this right?
I'm not a mind reader.
I forgot to mention that I usually pay 2/3rds of the shipping costs.
You clearly don't understand how Ebay works, nor did you actually READ the details in my question. You DON'T get a chance to make it right if the buyer doesn't bother contacting you. The neg also had NOTHING to do with shipping. It was because SHE didn't know how to set the watch!

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Hi, I'm an eBay buyer, over 1,000 purchases in 10 years. I always pay for tracked shipping, I always ask questions before I bid and I always leave positive, 5 star feedback because I deal with good sellers. I love eBay and because I'm a good buyer even if the seller doesn't usually ship internationally (I live in Australia) they often say yes to me. As a buyer, yes, seller feedback rating is important (number of sales and %) because there are "bad" sellers aka scammers out there, but I understand that some feedback isn't fair on the seller so I'm not put off by a few negs here and there. So don't fret too much about those that are impossible to please. Like those scam sellers, nasty buyers shouldn't be welcome on eBay. Bring back neg feedback for buyers I say, and I'm a buyer :)


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Since you are running a business, have you considered the possibility that some of your customers and potential customers don't like your business?

I have never purchased or sold an item on eBay. It is rife with fraud and abuse and misleading item descriptions. I'd rather use my feet to patronize businesses in my own community rather than buying from some stranger half-way around the world.

If you screw up a shipment/item, you get bad feedback. You also get the opportunity to correct a mistake. The feedback is still valid: it is true that you screwed up a shipment/item.

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