Should I cut ties and move on?

I'm an entrepreneur building a personal and business brand. I deal with a guy who's supposed to be a PR and marketing person but all he seems to do is waste time, money and is innappropriate. He has an assistant who is very negative and I feel she tries to get information about me to give to him. I'm all about making relationships last but I've come to an end with these two. I'd really like some advice on my situation. I'm on Facebook with the assistant and am thinking about unfriending her and letting him know we won't be working together anymore. I'd also like to protect my personal and business brand and this would seem like a great case to do so. Thanks,

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Yes you should cut ties and move on.

The way you describe him, he can bring nothing good, only bring you and your business down.

The people you deal with should not be so negative and inappropriate. And you should have a good feeling about them and trust them. They should care abt the business like you do.

1 year ago

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If you got a bad feeling about these people then I think you should cut ties with them.

by Lynn - 1 year ago

Follow your gut on this one particularly if you are the sole employee in your business because you have few other sounding boards. It sounds to me that there is a difference in management style and professionalism between you and this causes problems with the communication. It is OKAY to terminate a business relationship because the communicatin isn't god - remember that you are paying for a service so you need a providor who can clearly explain and demonstrate their process and results.


by Commish Spats - 1 year ago