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    Has anyone had experience selling on Amazon?

    Could you tell me about it? Did you make money? Was it hard to do? What did you sell?
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    I sold some books. I just listed several books I didn't want anymore. It's free to list so it beats ebay anyday. Cause on ebay u have to pay even if it don't sell. Costs nothing to list whatever u want on amazon. Anyway some books sold and some didn't. The mass paperback books where there's like a million out there, you can't sell unless you list it for like a penny. Text books always sell in my experience. Current ones that is. College students love to buy text books from amazon cause they save like 50-75% off new textbook prices plus you get more from amazon than you do when the college bookstores buy it back. Any good book, hardback, text book, collectible, hard to find should sell on amazon. I didn't list a whole lot of stuff, just the extra books and text books I was finished with. I picked my own price and all text books sold and maybe half of other books. I get an email when they sell and just go to the PO. Made a few dollars. It was easy. I have no experience selling anything besides books.
    a few seconds ago

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