Cleaning business help?

Me and my fiance run our own cleaning business in middle Georgia for about 7 months now (this is our full time job)
We get all our business from craigslist and word of mouth..
We are desperately in need of more clients.. I've tried just about anything holiday specials, referral bonuses, satisfaction guaranteed etc..
we only charge $65-75 for a basic clean
and $125-200 for a deep move out/in clean..
How can i get more business??
I've tried door to door, flyers etc..
Is Nov. and Dec just slow months for the cleaning business
any advice??

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Hello Tiffany,

It's great that you and your fiance have taken the entrepreneurial plunge and started up a cleaning business. From what you've shared, it sounds as if you're in the residential cleaning business. Here are a few tips that I hope will greatly encourage and help you in getting more business quickly.

1. Add on services to existing clients are the #1 way to increase business immediately.

Carpet cleaning, window washing, power washing, tile and grout cleaning, oven and refrigerator cleaning are a few suggestions. Also offer a holiday clean up service!

2. Subcontract your services to larger cleaning companies.

Many larger privately owned cleaning companies use subcontractors to handle their increased holiday workload. Try contacting a few in your area (avoid franchise companies).

3. Try Google Ad Words.

We have found paid search on Google to be quite effective for attracting cleaning customers for our business. Visit your local library and check out a few books to learn more about paid search on Google. You can set your own budget and start and stop your campaign whenever you like. A pretty convenient and affordable option to attract new business.

4. Buy accounts from other cleaning businesses.

Did you realize that other cleaning companies sell accounts? We have and it's a win-win for both parties.

5. Partner with real estate professionals.

Offer agents that represent sellers a special offer to help their homeowner clients get their property spic and span before putting it on the market. Offer buyer's agents a special deal for them to personally offer their clients a cleaning gift card from your company. You can get high quality plastic gift cards made up quite inexpensively.

6. Contact local businesses and offer discount cards to the HR department to hand out to staff. Give the HR manager a free cleaning for her help and cooperation. (Furniture stores and day care centers are also a good idea for offering discount cards.)

7. Get professional.
Build a website, get a dedicated phone line and professionally designed business stationery. Also, [a] join a trade association to flaunt your expertise as a professional cleaning company ( and [b] a small business association ( to build trust as a reputable business.

Hope these suggestions help!

K. Kelly


1 year ago

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Clean houses in the nude.

by Jay l - 1 year ago

Clean houses in the nude.

by Garrett - 1 year ago

The one thing that always gets my attention is radio advertizing. Specificly on the Bob and Tom show in the mornings, if you get that show there. They are syndicated out of Chicago. Very funny morning show! If you get them, they'll be on one of your local radio stations. Ours is on KBER, a ROCK Station!

by Vagatarian - 1 year ago