Do I have to have copyright?

I'm starting a blog and intend to mostly use my own images. I'm currently writing a disclaimer/terms concerning images used, but I am unsure about whether it would actually still be illegal for someone to steel my pictures if I don't have any copyright?
I'm not sure about how I feel about people using my images, I'd just like to know where they are going. And it's always useful to know your rights!

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@NickyElectric may have a good idea there. But as for "copyright", under the laws of over 160 countries (including the USA) you automatically own the copyright of your own creative works of authorship/artistry from the moment you put them into any permanent form (pencil on paper, bit in computer memory, sounds on magnetic tape, etc). You can REMIND people of your ownership by placing a copyright notice on each work; see the bottom of any Yahoo page for an example. You can also insert "secret" copyright markings in your files so that you can prove they were copied when you catch someone using your images.


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Is there a specific reason that you're so concerned about your images being used? Are your images key to the USP of your blog?

Here are some ways in which you can protect your images.


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