Im in a really bad position. I have this part time job working for someone who owns a small buisness. My part?

time job is barely able to pay the bills, im struggling, and the owner doesnt know what she is doing as far as running a buisness is concerned. When i receive my very small paychecks weekly and try to cash my check, they usually and frequently bounce due to insufficient funds. And when I become so lucky that these checks dont bounce I then recieve my checks late meaning I dont get paid the day Im supposed to get my check. It is a shady buisness and I want to get out. I want to file for unemployment because im part time and in a bad situation. the question is is that if i leave that job and move somewhere else to look for another job will i lose my unemployment. I hate the town im in because there is barely any opportunities and no jobs. My boyfriend and I are trying to move away because we are not happy where we are. Any advice people? please help any advice would be appreciated.

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contact your city's district attorney.......and see if the bounced checks are a violation of the law......
you are immediately eligible for unemployment

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you probably won't get unemployment. people who quit or get fired don't get unemployment.

by Yup - 1 year ago