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    How could i start a center for kids and teens to stay off the streets?

    Im 18 years old but i want to start a center for kids and teens to be able to go to stay off da streets or to help them in general with things tey might need, keep them safe, and to do good. But im not really sure how to start it and I know it will be hard since the center is going to be free so that everyone is able to go in without have to be able to afford it?
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    I applaud and thank the Lord for the Awesome Great Heart that He has given you to care for others ! The Bible actually talks about this in the Book of John His Word says "No Greater Love has No one but those that Lay down their lives for their friends!" (John 15:13) **Now on starting this "Teen Drop In Center" Yes it is Harder than Hard can be especially because of your age, you would probably need to get your pastor involved your church and let them know what is in your heart to do (So they may support you on this) I am sure you are a Great Person I dont even have to meet you or see you to (Know this) but the Truth is You will probably need the help of your pastor, church and community on this ** But Remember that All things are possible with God, and All things are possible to Those who Believe! (I Encourage you My Friend to "Follow through on your God Inspired Divine Project! ( I will be praying for you) ( we are actually getting ready to open a "Home" For Prisoners coming out of Parole and Believe me it is Not Easy But Also Not Impossible, Pray for the Lord's Guidance in your Divine Task God Bless You Respectfully, I AM FREE www.mystuffatmyprice.com http://www.mystuffatmyprice.com/Marketing/DD_index.asp
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    • ask for a grant or supporters then depending, work out a plan and assess risk the key point is that you are essentially non profit and you need some sort of profit just to pay off utilities

      by The Learner'S Paradise - 18 hours ago

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