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    What would you ask/accept for a babysitting wage?

    I am 16 and fairly experienced with kids. A woman I work with has recently lost her babysitter due to school sports/activities/ect. and has asked me if I would want to. I have accepted but If she asks, I don't know what to say for how much I want. Ususally I'm babysitting family members so the parents just give me whatever and I don't mind. She has two kids: A girl, 2, and a boy, 4. I usually bring things (coloring pages, puzzles, ect.) for the kids to do until I get used to the house and know what we can do. Plus I cook and most of the time try and clean a little. So what should I charge? A friend from school said $2.50 an hour for one kid (So $5 an hour) but this is a lady I work with so I don't want to charge to much, plus I'd like to know what kids are charging right now and adjust my rate to that. So, anyone willing to say what they pay for babysitters? Thanks!
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    Hello, I've done a lot of baby sitting in my time and a lot of time I leave it up to the person I'm sitting for to give me the rate they think I turned. I do have to say though that $2.50 an hour is way too cheap. I've never been payed less then $5 an hour for babysitting. Most of the time I get $7 or 8 for more then one kid especially cleaning and cooking food and having to watch very young kids that can't do a lot of things for themselves. So you can just leave it up to who you're babysitting for but don't take less then $5 for watching two kids that young unless you know they aren't financially able to give you that, then that's a different story. I only once that I know of ever been paid less then $6 an hour and that was because they absolutely had no money I was helping them out. Hope this helps!
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