Is it legal to sell a picture that i didnt take?

i put together cool athlete collages on photoshop and i want to know if i can print them and sell them on eBay??

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You need an attorney's advice, not some yahoo's advice on a board.

1 year ago

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its illegal if you get caught.

by Pepper - 1 year ago


by kel - 1 year ago

If the photos you used have a copyright, it is illegal. (so pretty much anything on flickr or taken by a real photographer). If you took the photos yourself, or found them in creative commons (no copyright) then it is legal.

by mle - 1 year ago


by Rebecca - 1 year ago

No. Not without the copyright owner's permission.

by Raysor - 1 year ago

No. it's not legal.

If you don't own the rights to the image, then you are breaching the copyright, and you could be sued.

Nearly all images you find on the internet are copyright.

by SimSam - 1 year ago