Is it possible to own a business and go to college ?

I am almost finished with high school but I plan on owning a small business probably like a computer repair shop it's my dream and plus I love electronics and its something I thrive in I would probably purchase like a small shop but when owning one is still possible to go to college at the same time.

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Yes you can do it at the same time. But you will take just few units so you can spend time on your shop. A typical 4 year degree will take 6 or 7 years to finish if you combine it with business. Goodluck to you, I believe you can do it!

1 year ago

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sorry not realistic to "own"
a business and attend college.

visit local businesses and look at
the Hours they open. when would
u attend college.
most businesses operate at a LOSS
of money the first year.

go to college to learn so u can earn later.


by Rob - 1 year ago

If you're going to college owning a brick and mortar store would be a ton of work! You might think about getting some experience from someone else in the business to make sure you like it and make sure it's something you could commit a lot of money towards! If you decide you like it you should make a list of what the business you are working at is doing right & wrong so you can do better.

by Bill Takes Schitz - 1 year ago