I'm gonna send a 12-pack of Bud Light through USPS. Do they inspect packages for alcohol?

USPS will not ship packages of alcohol according to their policy, but do they really inspect/scan packages to see if there's alcohol in it?

I know that USPS has a department that checks "suspicious" packages, but I'm guessing those are just for bombs and stuff like that--not alcohol. I've received packages of 12-packs of soda in the mail before. Did the postal service "scan" them, open them, and make sure that it was just soda inside them?

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They don't inspect every package, but any package can be opened and inspected if it is suspected that the shipper has lied about what's inside. All shipments containing liquid are to be marked as such, and when you bring one in you are asked if it contains alcohol. Getting caught can bring substantial fines.

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Yes, they do. You'll also get a hefty fine.

by Jessica - 1 year ago

Soda is not prohibited by the USPS. However, you cannot ship alcohol through the USPS.


by nascar88gyrl - 1 year ago

do not do so; no where that it can be delivered will be far from a retail beer distributor--bar/grocery store.
THus, no benefit to you

by kemperk - 1 year ago

Yes they do check. Its a waste of money if you still do...

by Pepper - 1 year ago