Are big Ebay sellers trustworthy?

I've wanted a certain phone for a very long time, and I've noticed some big sellers on Ebay with more than 95% acceptance rate (thousands of rates) who sell a brand new unused phone for a very decent price (i.e. a 200 euro phone for 150 euros). Although these are the types of phones which aren't bought very often anymore, are these sellers trustworthy or should I continue to look elsewhere?

PS: Most of them guarantee exactly what I'm looking for (i.e. original battery, original charger, warranty, usb cable, box only opened to check if phone is fully functional, etc).

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What you want to look for in any case when buying online period is if they accept returns. Read the description, and shipping information. I have bought from several ebay users and have learned that anywhere below a 90% is a bit iffy. Read through their ratings and see what everyone says. When buying from Ebay you mainly have to go with your gut and trust it is what the description says it is, but like I said make sure they have a returns accepted, just in case something goes wrong. And to answer the question, Most of them are trustworthy never had a problem out of the 90% range.

1 year ago

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I wouldn't make a big purchase from any seller without a 99% positive rating and even then I would look at their feedback to find out why they were getting negative feedback.

by Howard L - 1 year ago