Working on a fictional research proposal.?

I'm working on a research proposal for my technical writing class. My proposal is on building a crosswalk for pedestrians. Right now I am stuck on the budget part, I need to find an organization in Oregon that would fund it. The main part I'm having trouble with is, who would construct my crosswalk, how much the workers would be paid, but also what tools would be used to build the crosswalk. Here is a list of what would go into my crosswalk. Making a walkway, installing 2 benches, 2 rapid flash beacons, making a curb ramp, build a crossing island, strips to mark crosswalk( white strips that go across), and finally 2 pedestrian level lights. Can someone help me find an organization on Hillsboro, Oregon that would fund me, but also list the company I could hire, how much each worker gets paid, and the tools they would use?

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are you allowed to do a proposal for a real business instead of a municipal cross walk?
I can help with that.

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