Can anyone help me come up with a good name for my jewelry business?

I had previously started to name my business (which is not 100% up and running online so the fact that it doesn't have a GOOD name is okay) as "Ilithiya's Bazarre". The name sounds cool and interesting, but it doesn't really sound like a handcrafted jewelry business, it kind of sounds like a thrift store. I live near an established jewelry business called "Sorrelli". I absolutely LOVE that name and was thinking of something similar. Something that is just one word/name for my business. I don't want to use my last name which is "Keener" because to be honest, I think if a jewelry brand was called "Keener" that would be a little lame. A famous jewelry brand name that I also really love is "Tacori". That sounds really cool too. I'm getting to the point where I'm just debating opening a dictionary, finding some random word that sounds really cool, looking at the definition to make sure it doesn't mean anything offensive, and just going from there.

Like if something says "Tacori jewelry" that sounds cool, but if someones says "Ilithiya's Bazarre jewelry", it just sounds too long and not very..."fancy" as I'll put it.

Anyone have any advice or suggestions? Please keep in mind that I would like the business name for my jewelry to be one word long.

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Casereccio Jewelry, Its italian for handmade.
Aggraziato Jewelry, Its italian for elegant.
Grazioso Jewelry

1 year ago

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Diamond K jewelers

by troy - 1 year ago

Your last name __________ + jewellers a lot of reputable jewellers do it.

by Mackin - 1 year ago