Is Amway a good company to work for?

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what Doug R replied, (with great effort and insight, i might add) is true/correct. but for some reason that still amazes me, is that amway has been around for 40 plus years. so they are successful. and if you choose to follow their business model, you could be too.
i have seen countless mlm situations come and go, but amway remains. has to be something there. it really just depends on if you have what it takes to sell any quality product.

to answer your question ... is amway a good company to work for? you're not working for them, you're working for yourself.


1 year ago

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Like Mary Kay and others, simply selling the products yourself will NOT make you successful. The idea is to recruit MANY other people to sell the products UNDER you. You need to ALWAYS be recruiting others to work for the company and order through you. Keep in mind that these companies have been around for YEARS and not many stay in them. It takes years to assemble a good sales force to the point where you will make $$. It's great for those who can work to build up the business while making very little $$.{ like a secondary income earner in a family where the primary income earner makes enough to support the family until the secondary earner MIGHT make $$ }
MOST people want & NEED cash to live every week and can't OR won't risk the time & energy investment needed to be successful in this business.


by Doug R - 1 year ago