Is it possible to host an open house of some sort for a home-based writing business?

I recently started a home-based writing business. It's beginning to pick up some momentum in the community after only a few months. I would like to host some sort of open-house to promote it but I don't know if it's even possible. I don't have a product to sell or anything to demonstrate. Has anyone ever heard of or been to an open house for a business that provides services?

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Ok so you have a writing business and you say you don't have a product? Your business is your product and what you should have is some kind of pamphlet with information about your writing business that you could pass out and business cards as well.Your target market is people who love to write so think of places you can go where you feel you can feel these kind of people.What you should first do is make your own website so when you pass out pamphlets and business cards,people could go to your website instead of a plain email. You will get more business this way. I am in business school so if you need a little more help I might can help with information so email me. I am also a writer myself and writing my first book.

1 year ago