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    Bounced payroll check?

    I worked at this daycare as an after school teacher for a few months. A month ago my payroll checked bounced. I quit my job because they demoted me and gave a lot of excuses about my work performance. Which was not bad at all. They just wanted to put an family member in my spot because they had me train her in my room the day before I quit. Well today I receive a non sufficient funds letter from my bank. The letter states that my payroll check that I cashed at my bank last week bounced. The first time this happened the owner gave me the money cash. I have two more checks that I have to pick up from them. One that I did not pick up last week because I quit and one next Wednesday for my last week. I really do not want to talk to them but I know I will have to. I found a new job and its starts tomorrow. I don't know too much about payroll. But why do the checks bounce all the time. Im upset because my bank deducted the check amount that bounced out of my account.
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    It's always a hassle dealing with these kinds of people but there are a couple things you may want to do. Do not deposit the check in your bank unless you go to a teller or the branch manager. You want to ask if they can hold the check "until paid" in your account. Some banks will do this for customers, especially as this was to be a payroll check. If they have a local bank, I'd go to their bank and ask their branch manager. If they will do it, then you won't get hit with an NSF charge. Besides, they might want to know they have a dead beat customer, gives the bank a bad rep, etc. One small but with the above, if it's Bank of America - all bets are off. They may do it, but may not. Second thing, make a copy of any checks they gave you and the one that bounced. Front and back. Make at least 3 copies of the originals. Mail one set of copies to the Department of Labor in your city or town. The second set to the State Department of Taxation and you keep the final set. Here's what you're doing 1. Using the power of people who are paid to investigate behind you. 2. Covering your butt if they give you another "funny money" check. You have bills to pay too, and nothing beats proving you had no way to know the check wasn't any good. 3. Letting the tax folks start investigating them. They have to pay taxes, and if they're passing bad checks these are the people who have a vested interest in knowing about it. Finally, you could go to the Labor & Industries office in your city and let them know that you have not been paid for your work. They will get your money for you, but it will take longer. Do not, at all costs and no matter how much you need the money deposit their checks into your account without making copies and letting your bank know. Probably don't have to tell you this but I will - Do not tell the deadbeats what you plan to do. Be sweet, nice, smile even if it hurts when you go to pick up your next checks..and run as fast as your legs will go to the nearest copy machine. Good luck
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    • Checks bounce because there is not enough money to cover the amount, this day care has financial problems. When you get paid you should also ask for the money deducted by your bank for a bounced check. You can take them to court if necessary,

      by Apollenaire - 19 hours ago

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