Why can't America have a nationwide fundraiser?

Like the ones we have for hurricanes and things like that but have a nationwide one to help pay off our HUGE debt ?
Americans would pay that.

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You don't realize how very much we owe and how much more we owe every single day. Do a little reading below. If you shut down the government, (Military, Social Security, the works), we would still owe a quarter of a trillion dollars.

Things are going to get a lot worse.


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People already complain that their taxes are too high. What makes you think they'd be willing to contribute even more than they're already giving?

by rtfm - 1 year ago

Good luck paying off 16 trillion dollars.
Yes. That is $141,638 per tax payer, or $51,603 per citizen.
Doubt people would donate that much, never mind have that much to spare.
And if it was added to taxes? Well...

You could make a movement instead to:
Try a resource based economy, get rid of money and trade in resources, rather than the current monetary system.
Get rid of oil, gas and coal stop killing people in the middle east over oil, and use renewable energy which is... wait for it... FREE for you and the environment! (once put in place and maintained).

Or just join the Occupy Movement, support The Zeitgeist Movement, Anonymous and The Venus Project.
Read up on other ideologies, I recommend the communist manifesto and TZM facebook page recommends books all the time :)


by Pheobe - 1 year ago