which option is better, buying wholesale items and selling on ebay or doing dropshipping?

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I take it you didn't like the other three answers you got on the other question about this huh? Wholesale is the only way to make a decent profit.

Dropshippers 'suggest' you are paying wholesale when you aren't. Dropshippers are the ones buying wholesale. Dropshippers have a bad habit of running out of a product just as you make a sale. You are left to explain to the buyer why you can't ship their item and praying they don't get ticked off and leave negative feedback over it.

Many REAL wholesalers won't even talk to you if you don't have a business license and tax ID. Several on the web aren't really wholesalers at all. If a company is willing to sell you 1 of an item chances are good they aren't real wholesalers. I often have to buy by the hundreds to get real wholesale prices.

Don't attempt to sell items that already have flooded the market. You will have to lower your price to have any hope of competing. I replied to a question a few weeks ago when a fellow couldn't figure out why his items weren't selling on eBay. A quick search showed there were thousands listed and most with a starting price much lower than his. Do real research before you commit your money or you may get stuck with a lot of product you can't move.

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Honest reliable drop shipper is an oxymoron. You will not be buying at wholesale, but close to retail and make no money.

by Henry - 1 year ago