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    Help somebody want a refund on ebay?

    Somebody claimed I sold them a dirty non working Icat but when I sent it. It worked she filed a claim will I win she paid 6 dollars with 10 dollars for shipping on the post it said under buyer protection:no refunds she said my description wasn't correct I put works great I never said it was clean even though it was very clean when I sent it will I win the case if I escalate it to the eBay people to make a desicion I am gonna send one last message saying It was clean and working when I sent it and it was wrapped in a ton of bubble wrap I'm not giving a refund if I don't have to
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    It is the buyer who escalates to a claim. You just need to email through the dispute and politely say item was sold as used so it's not expected to be like a brand new item but it was working as described. EBay will decide. If she wins, she has to post it back to you at her expense by tracked mail and you get the $16 taken back off you and given to her. So you both "lose" money with the shipping cost. Buyers can always lodge disputes even if you say "no returns". No returns is more to do with them changing their mind or not liking it and you agreeing to accept the item back. But again, the buyer loses out on shipping costs, a refund would only be the item price, the shipping to them and the shipping back to you for a refund would be at their cost. So it's actually better to say you'll accept a return for a refund but the buyer pays all shipping costs. The buyer is probably not realizing that she is going to have to pay shipping to return the item.
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    • How would we know - or could give a definitive answer - on if you will win or not. That's up to eBay.

      by Jo - 2 hours ago

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