Short on employees at restaurant?

My parents have a restuarant and one of their employees is going to court for child custody tomorrow, so he wont be at work and my dad has a doctor appointment. So my mom is left with only one helper. I can't help because I have class from 11:30-1:00 and can't skip because we're reviewing for a test, then a job interview at 2:45 and it'll take me time to get ready for the interview and the distance from home to work to school is just too far.

So, how can my mom survive with only one helper for a few hours? It's usually busy during weekdays too.

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1) Your dad could reschedule his doctor's appointment.
2) Your parents could ask other friends or family to help out.
3) Your parents could CLOSE the restaurant for one afternoon due to "family emergency"
4) Your mom could put a sign on the door that says, "We're open but understaffed. Please understand service may take longer than usual. We appreciate your patience." Then customers could choose to go somewhere else if they want to.

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I'd call up a temp agency. She can get 1-2 workers for the day that's already had experience in serving.

by Timid Women Rarely Make History - 1 year ago

We will have to wait and find out

by Josh - 1 year ago

Check if your neighbors or relatives are available to assist during the given time and agree that they be paid on hours worked.

Though they may not have the experience, your mom can assign them tasks such as clearing tables, serving drinks, simple tasks.

by SGElite - 1 year ago