how to run my own...?

i'm 13 and my friends and i want to open a skate store. how old do we have to be. and wat do we we need a permit or something. i'm also going to be 14 in a month. my uncle has a big store i asked him if i could have my own store he said yea but he has to check with the city if could do it for me.but still i want to make sure. by the way i live in maywood in CA

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You better work in your uncle's store for 2 to 3 years to gain experience.
After proper knowledge /experience u can think n plan for your own.
All the best.

1 year ago

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You need to be 18 and you have to buy all your products and pay rent. It will cost you over $250,000 just to get started.

by Jake - 1 year ago