Can I use paypal shipping on flat rate envelopes?

I want to use pay pal shipping since it seems cheaper than regular shipping for the things I sell on ebay. I use flat rate boxes and envelopes. Can tape the paypal shipping label on flat rate envelopes?

And if I do this will pay pal still charge me 2.9% of my total sale (plus the .30) cents?
Ebay already charges me 9% whether I use their postage thing or not =( Altogether Ebay and paypal charge 11.9% plus 30 cents per transaction and that percentage includes shipping which is why I dont even do .99 cent listings anymore.

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I refer to the following PayPal page:

No fees, no surcharges. Not sure where the other answer got their info from.

Yes you can tape the label onto the box/envelope.

1 year ago

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if you use eBay's interface to the post office, it will look cheaper, but they will charge you 9% for the access, wiping out any discount the post office offers for buying online.

Go to and use click and ship. Then you still get the discount!

Yes, you can buy priority postage/delivery confirmation and tape it to a priorty packaging.

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