How can I make money?

I have some apps to make money such as app trailers. But I need a better way. I'm trying to save up for a car so I can get a real job. I have no ride places because my mom works a lot. I do online high school so I'm home 24/7. Anything would be helpful! Thank you

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When I was younger looking for some part time money. I signed up for program called click bank. It allowed me make a little money not a lot but when your 15 or 16 years old its a lot and you appreciate it more because you earned it. I would also encourage you at a young age high school to search out and apply for internships they will not earn you any money but they will allow you to gain valuable work experience that you will need once you graduate. You will be more rounded instead of focused on one area like many college graduates and make you more valuable and irreplaceable to many employers.

You will be fine. I have every confidence in you to find a job, make the right decisions and have a prosperous future.

1 year ago