Small online clothing boutique - sole proprietor - do I need an EIN?

I am opening a small online clothing boutique and am the sole proprietor. I have already registered for an EIN, but now I'm being told that I don't need one? I won't have any employees, it will be just me running the business. Do I need to cancel the EIN and use my social security number for the business?

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You an use an EIN with or without employees.
You may need to complete W9s for something and you can use the EIN instead of your SSN.
And as he owner of an e-commerce boutique, I hope you need employees soon!! Shipping takes a lot of time!! Better to hire someone for $8 for that instead of you spending your time doing it.

1 year ago

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who is asking for any data from you?

by kemperk - 1 year ago