Would you really be able to do this in a private business?

Refuse someone service because of their sexual orientation, religion or political affiliations and beliefs?
Like for example if you owned a bed and breakfast and a same sex couple came in could you ask them to leave/refer them to another establishment because their union violates your religious beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman?

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not just private but a public company may discriminate against anyone they want. That is the beauty of
business. 99% won't care who shops with them and 1% will.

LET anyone sue any business for discrimination. That would be great. Government can't discriminate
but individual businesses can. Why not? The interesting this is when one creates a rental situation
for houses and apts, the law does intervene.

AZ law: The following are generally NOT PROTECTED areas from discrimination under Arizona State Law:

Personal Appearance
Sexual Orientation---------= gays
Political Affiliation
Education/training (lack of)
Short-term disabilities or injuries
Personality Conflicts
for further clarification--
ladies must be served, and men must be served
a males only place must service ladies---
a female hotel must permit a male
that is under sex

read this now:

Public Accomodation Discrimination

The following categories are protected:

National Origin/Ancestry
Physical/Mental disability
Retaliation Examples of public accommodation allegations:
Failure to allow entrance
Inability to enter due to barriers
Treated differently in places of public accommodation
---sex = females or males
sexual orientation is when one sex sleeps with members of its own sex.
that can be discriminated against

if i owned a hotel i would not permit open gays,

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It's perfectly legal to refuse service to gays in many states.

by rtfm - 1 year ago

sure, you ever notice those little signs in many retail places, "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" ?

by Jim - 1 year ago