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    Said FU to a customer?

    I rarely swear or use foul language unless someone pushes me over the edge. Other then that, I'm normally a nice guy. So a customer walks in with his daugher(age 18 or so), both Russian ethnicity. Heres the dialogue to make this easier: Him: I want a regular scoop with half cherry and half nutty coconut. Me: I can't do that, the closest thing I can do is two kids scoops. Him: I want a regular scoop with half cherry and half nutty coconut, why can't you do that? Who comes up with that? Me: That's been the system for years and years. Two kids scoops is practically the same thing, it's just 1 oz more(about 1 - 1 1/2 bites). Him: 1 oz is to much for me me. Your system is stupid. This place is stupid. Him to his daughter: Let's go, we're not going to buy anything because the system is stupid. I was about to say "I don't know why your complaining about an ounce more of ice cream." Instead I got mad because of his ridiculous complaining and said "Well F*** you" as he walked out. He closed the door, walked back to the counter, and said "What did you say?" "Where's your boss?" And I said "I'm the closest thing you got" Then he took out his phone and threatened me with it. First saying "I'm going to call the police, do you want the police in here?" I just stood there and gave him a slight glare with a slight head turn of ridiculousness. Then he threatened to call the Business Bureau on us and to teach me a lesson. Obviously, he fired me up. I'm offensive about the family business and on behalf of Baskin Robbins. Afterward I'm just thinking how ridiculous that argument was. I wouldn't complain about an ounce more of ice cream and he just wanted to get his way by complaining. In other words, the false saying "the customer is always correct" because that's just not true. I live in Washington. What can he really do? I feel the BBB or Corporate won't even care about an argument like that. I'm not threatened at all by anything he said. And just don't care that much.
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    You need to get your act together and learn to control yourself, no matter what anyone tells you. They are in control of what they are saying, but you are in control what you are saying, so don't use their stupid behavior to justify your own stupid behavior. Developing this ability to find inner peace amid madness is definitely a very useful skill. A good way of doing it is to distance yourself mentally from what's going on and not take it personally. Simply, when someone starts ranting, don't really listen in a focused way! Pretend that you are, but simply start your internal conversation about how their shirt looks funny, how their voice sounds weak when they are upset, just anything that will get your mind off of what they are saying. It will enable you to keep your cool and not react or overreact and then feel bad later! You are a good person! You would not be asking this question if you didn't feel bad about your behavior. That is why I bothered to answer! May the force of peace and detachment be with you!
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    • I think you should be because you can loose your job. For one thing be glad that wasn't a secret shopper or you would get bad reviews. On the other hand you might be lucky and he won't do a thing. Just hope he doesn't do anything.

      by Elizabeth - 8 hours ago

    • I don't understand why you couldn't just do it and started talking about kid scoops - a corporate thing? Then again as a customer I would not threaten to call the police about an ice cream scoop... Forget it.

      by MKultra - 8 hours ago

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