What can i do, are these people operating legally?

i drove into a random cornerstore in Salinas, CA. really for no other reason than because i had free time, and didnt feel like moving through every isle of a savemart, or safeway.

So i ended up buying a packet of fun sized butterfingers, you know for the drive to school,
when i opened it, i think some kid had crushed every single butterfinger and put it back on the shelf.
I went back into the store and showed them completely unopened packets and was like "look its already crushed," i wasnt having a bad day, but you know.. crushed butterfingers, *bummer.. right?*

they said they had no way of knowing if i had done it, and just wanted money back.
i said "i dont want money, i just want regular uncrushed butterfingers, and it would be kinda weird to have to pay again, since the one i recieved was crushed.. but they said sorry it wasnt their fault. I dont know if that was an employee or the owner so i was like "alright.., i guess ill throw this away and never shop here again,"

But my question is, i dont shop there anyways, so their technically not losing business... But i did feel cheated.. and so would reporting this to 911 be my only option? it seemed kinda extreme... it was just a 4 dollar bag of butterfingers..

well just wondering so i know what my rights and there rights are.
oh, well yea, i guess i can drive back one day, and find the name of that little place, and flame online, but, i mean more on the lines of legally, what rights do the consumer has and what rights do they have?
you know, i think it was because of the experience i had to go through with them, if i was a bit more level headed i could've thought of that. Very creative. next time ill consider that when another situation like this arises.
So in the end i just drew the short stick? is that really how businesses work? nothing i can do but QQ?

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have lived in Salinas; did you ask to talk to the manager?

I would have saved them and called a grocery store and asked who they buy these from.

that distributor would have replaced them.

YOU had 100% right to have uncrushed food. YOU do not have a right to become indignant about it.
or flaming angry.

in most cases a manager would have replaced them. Clerks are not permitted to do that--most of the time.

To end my response, keep in mind a philosophy that will treat you well in the future;
PICK your battles.

cheap food is not a good thing to battle over ESP because your teeth will make all food

sorry about your occurrence.

calling 911 is as wrong as hitting a baby in the face that spits up on you.

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Complain online.
Google the company name followed by the words
scam, complaint, rip-off, review.
Tell your story to tell others. You'll fell better.

by Go with the flow - 1 year ago

You had the right to buy a bag of Butterfingers. You did.

They had the right to take your money for that bag of Butterfingers. They did.

All rights end there. You had no right to demand they replace the bag you bought. It would have been nice of them to do so, but you are not entitled to a new bag of candy. Calling 911 would have been an absurd overreaction. You probably would have wound up paying a fine for wasting the police officers' time.

I don't understand why you threw $4 worth of candy away. You could have eaten them crushed, or used them as ice cream topping.

by rtfm - 1 year ago